Hotel St. George Milan 4 star hotel

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Ozonization – Best Western Hotel St. George Milan 4 star Corso Buenos Aires

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4 star hotel with free Wi-Fi Milan 4-star Hotel with sky channels Milan

New ozonization system: stop at germs, smells and allergies!


The rooms at the Best Western Hotel St George, like the whole facility, are sterilized with an advances ozonation system.


The ozone is a trivalent oxygen, a natural gas, essential to life on our planet. Thanks to its oxidizing power, it acts on the air and on surfaces in contact with it; it inactivates bacteria and viruses (such as Legionella), it eliminates bad smells like smoke, it destroys spores, molds, mites and insects, in a completely natural way, reducing the use of chemical disinfectants, constant source of environmental pollution and demaging for the mankind.


Our system produces ozone directly on the site of use through a generator able to create in its interior electrical discharges at high voltage.



Some advantages of the ozone and its use: 


  • It is a natural gas
  • It oxidizes and destroys in a natural way more than the 99,98% of virus, bacteria, molds and mites
  • It avoids the use of chemical disinfectants, it isn't inflammable or explosive
  • After the use, it becomes oxigen, without any residual, and it purifies the air neutralizing the smell of smoke
  • It is recognized from the Ministry of Health as a "Natural protection for the sterilization of the spaces"
  • It is used also in the operating rooms, in the preservation of food, in the water purification



So the new ozonation system sanitizes all horizontal and vertical surfaces, including furniture and furnishings, it deep penetrates into all tissues (carpets, curtains), it enters in the air conditioning and ventilation channels and in all discharges destroying any micro-organism (mites, fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria, etc ...).


Leaving no secondary chemical residue, the ozone sanitizing system is completely environmentally friendly.

Hotel St. George Milano